The completely impossible to exercise day

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Let me tell you about yesterday.

There are some days when it is virtually impossible psychologically for me to exercise.

For whatever reason, some days I cannot talk myself into getting out the front door and actually taking even the tiniest of strolls.

Yesterday, I had such a day.

Let me tell you what I do on a day like this.

I had one of two choices, I can give in and revert to my sedentary lifestyle on that day or I can get out the front door and take a one minute walk and come back in, claiming a victory at least symbolically.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I did.

Since inertia is already stacked against us, it is far far better to strap some dynamite on that inertia and light the fuse. Even if it’s only a 60 second fuse. It doesn’t matter … symbolically, you will keep the momentum going.

Now these are special kinds of days I realize, the type of day that you may not face often. So this is the special kind of exercise that you will do on these very very rare days. It is not for everyday use, it is reserved for these impossible to exercise days.

Movement will build on your momentum. Inactivity will kill your momentum. So try to do at least something, even if it is the most minimum of efforts.

Your diabetes will be greatly helped by the fact that you are trying to build an active lifestyle, even on these really impossible days. The thing about impossible days is that even though they seem impossible, we can turn them into possible days. And we can do this by the quick trick above. Impossible to exercise days really do not exist except in our mind.

Off the couch today! (I love that slogan!)


Yoga … wait, what?

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Okay, this may not be the most aerobic of exercises however yoga is a fantastic way to center yourself and open up peaceful avenues within your own spirit. It will also start your body being acclimated to movement and that in itself will confer a host of health benefits upon you. Read more

That’s right, a walking tour


Another amazing way to get off the couch and out the door is by taking a walking tour.

We were in Chicago recently for a convention and the weather was simply amazing. You know the type of days, I’m sure … temp in the low 70s, slight breeze, just perfection.

I’ve always been a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan, loving his architecture, when I discovered there was a walking tour of some of his homes in Oak Park, Read more

Yo … spin!


Spinning is basically riding a stationary bicycle. A spin class however, takes a rather boring activity and throws fun and sparkle all over it.

Most YMCAs and other fitness centers, have spin classes. Typically these are 20 or more stationary bicycles in a large room, that are utilized for a group activity lasting from 45 minutes to an hour with an instructor leading it to the melodies of great music. Read more

Get back on that bicycle!

You know, the one that’s parked in the garage that you haven’t been on in ages. Did you know that your bike could be possibly one of your greatest fitness tools? That bike could be a potent, I mean potent, tool against your diabetes.

The great thing about bicycling is that it is extremely low impact and also delivers very high aerobic benefit. Read more

Remind thyself!


On those days when it is simply brutal to get out the door and actually exercise, I try to remind myself of what the benefits of exercise on my diabetes are.

This is exactly why I wrote my book, 42 Ways to Motivate the Sedentary Diabetic to Actually Exercise. (Click HERE to view at Amazon)

Picture a sailboat with its sails full of wind, being propelled along by that very wind. Similarly, reminding ourselves of exercise benefits can be the wind that pulls us out of our lethargy. Remind yourself and BOOM, it’s a little easier to move into some form of exercise. Read more

The Battle

Yesterday was another brutal day in my battle against getting off the couch. Inertia was winning the day. The hatred of exercise was growing by the minute and I was determined to do nothing, absolutely nothing as far as walking or anything.

Have you ever been there before?

Has this scenario ever crept into your life? Of course it has! Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog! Read more