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Okay, this may not be the most aerobic of exercises however yoga is a fantastic way to center yourself and open up peaceful avenues within your own spirit. It will also start your body being acclimated to movement and that in itself will confer a host of health benefits upon you.

Most YMCAs and fitness centers have yoga classes. My wife is a very devoted yoga practitioner and will attest to the fact that it helps her mental clarity, her sense of well-being, her sense of peace as well as her sense of fitness.

The great thing about yoga is that it can lay a foundation for you to move into other areas of activity. It is a gateway, in a sense.

What are the benefits for a diabetic? Many studies show that being able to elicit relaxation response from your body has a beneficial effect on your blood sugar.

The Center for Yoga and Health writes on their website:

“While the science of yoga for diabetes is still young, there are now several studies, published in peer-reviewed medical journals that suggest clear improvements for people with diabetes. Findings from these small but high-quality, randomized, controlled clinical trials have shown significant improvements in blood sugar levels as well as improvements in lipid profiles, blood pressure, body weight, and oxidative stress (a metabolic imbalance) in participants who practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis.”

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