That first step … SO HARD!


Seriously, this is the very easiest way to start your couch-reduced life. As a matter of fact, walking was what convinced me of the extreme value of exercise on my diabetes.

This is how easy it is to start… get out of your chair, walk to the front door,  open the front door, pass through your front door, find a sidewalk or street that is safe to walk on, start walking, finish walking, go back to your front door, open your front door, pass through your front door, close your front door, now resume your seated position. Read more

My story

This post is taken from chapter 1 of my book 42 Ways to Motivate the Sedentary Diabetic to Actually Exercise. Here goes:

It was a normal day for me, much like many others. Except that I was to have my long-procrastinated physical from my physician.

No problem … I jumped in the car and quickly navigated the Nashville landscape in the beautiful October sunshine, arriving at her office in about 20 minutes.

Greeting me, we went through the all of the regular tests, exams, etc. She is a very personable doctor and I always enjoyed my visits.

Wrapping up, I thanked her and went on my way.

All was well with the world.

Until she called me a few days later and asked me to come back in for a glucose tolerance test. Read more

Just one minute of walking

I hate to exercise.

I have type 2 diabetes.

I must exercise.

Therein lies the dilemma.

Sooooo, I know from many studies that exercise greatly improves a diabetic’s glucose management.

Yet I hate to exercise.

This is why I wrote the book 42 Ways to Motivate the Sedentary Diabetic to Actually Exercise.

I actually wrote it for myself in an effort to get my sedentary, non-exercise-inclined self off the couch and out the door on a daily basis.

For those reading this who may suffer like me from extreme-exercise-aversion, take hope! There is at least one more just like you on this planet … me!

I intend to write new posts in this blog at least a couple of times a week with the intention of igniting a rocket under your couch that will zoom you out the front door. Check back frequently or better yet, sign up for this to be delivered to you when new updates occur.

Just for today, if you have been chained to your couch, chair, whatever, get up and walk one minute today.

Then sit back down.

You’ve started.