Diabetics to COVID: Stand Down!

One great thing about getting off your couch (or off your office chair) and out the door is that the effect on your diabetes is consistently, unarguably and profoundly massive.

As we have all taken a step back for a while due to #COVID, I have found that taking that step out the door and into a brisk walk is amazing, even for one who hates to exercise (like me).

The video I have loaded at the beginning of this blog (isn’t the trail beautiful??) shows my walking path in the woods … it is restful, life-giving, level and works with me to get my diabetes numbers to where they need to be.

I walk 2 miles a day (yes, yes, I am working to get that much higher) at a pace of about 3.3 mph.

I have made this a daily routine. Making this a daily routine delivers a punch in the face to inertia, which is my greatest enemy against regular exercise.

It works.

Managing diabetes makes a person healthier during the #coronavirus thing we are going through.

And walking daily gives a daily boost to our moods which will boost our immune systems.

Take off your lethargy jacket today and get out the door! Take that, #COVID!

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