Have a running conversation with yourself … this very day!

There will come that day when you absolutely do not want to begin exercising at all. There are a myriad of reasons that cloud your mind and press you back down to the couch so inertia keeps you from moving out the front door.

These are the tough days that you must tackle and overcome. Your type 2 #diabetes may well depend on it. Experience too many of these days and you will lose a valuable ally in your journey to health.

This is when you have to talk to yourself. You have to remind yourself that regardless of how you feel, you must act on what you know. And what you know is that you must get moving.

Oh sure, it is cold outside. And that will make your walk slightly uncomfortable. Or it is raining outside and you must go to your mall or your gym to either walk or workout. But you must overcome this. And you must overcome the inertia by talking to yourself.

Something like this:

-> I am going to exercise today regardless how I feel.

-> I really enjoy exercise once I get into it and today will be no different.

-> I will not let laziness stand in the way of the healthy benefits that I get through exercise

-> I grow stronger when I exercise, especially when I don’t feel like it.

It is amazing how powerful self talk is. It can literally move you from a demotivated sedentary human being to a motivated person getting on with life. And it is all within our power.

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How the local zoo helped my diabetes, seriously!

Recently, I had the occasion to go with some family members to the #NashvilleZoo one morning.

It was great and I ended up walking at least 3 miles … at least!

Get this, I did not notice! I was too caught up in the wonder of this well laid-out zoo and all the amazing animals.

I got my exercise in for the day while I did not notice at all! I felt this was too good for me not to share.

The exercise helped my #diabetes by decreasing #InsulinResistance which in turn, lowered my #BloodGlucose readings for the day.

Isn’t that what this is all about?

Go to your local #zoo and walk through it! You’ll be glad you did!

Diabetes, meet swimming … swimming, meet diabetes!

#Swimming just might be the very best exercise there is for a #diabetic. It is low impact and high aerobic. And you are as likely to find swimmers over age 80 as you are under the age of 30 in any fitness center or YMCA pool.

The downside of #swimming obviously is that you need a pool.

With walking, you just put your shoes on and walk out the front door. With swimming, you need a pool. Not a problem, virtually every fitness center or YMCA has one and they usually are parts of the fitness center that open before any other part, often before five in the morning.

If this appeals to you, take the first step and find a pool. Overcome the inertia and locate a facility that will accommodate you.

Trust me, it’s not hard.

There’s even a competitive swimming program called #MastersSwimming for those adults who would like to compete in swim tournaments. I have gone to a few of these and there is nothing more heartwarming than seeing a few 70-year-olds battling it out in the backstroke.

When they get out of the pool, they look far better than most of their peers and if they are #diabetic, they have added satisfaction of knowing that they are doing something wonderful for their condition.