#Swimming just might be the very best exercise there is for a #diabetic. It is low impact and high aerobic. And you are as likely to find swimmers over age 80 as you are under the age of 30 in any fitness center or YMCA pool.

The downside of #swimming obviously is that you need a pool.

With walking, you just put your shoes on and walk out the front door. With swimming, you need a pool. Not a problem, virtually every fitness center or YMCA has one and they usually are parts of the fitness center that open before any other part, often before five in the morning.

If this appeals to you, take the first step and find a pool. Overcome the inertia and locate a facility that will accommodate you.

Trust me, it’s not hard.

There’s even a competitive swimming program called #MastersSwimming for those adults who would like to compete in swim tournaments. I have gone to a few of these and there is nothing more heartwarming than seeing a few 70-year-olds battling it out in the backstroke.

When they get out of the pool, they look far better than most of their peers and if they are #diabetic, they have added satisfaction of knowing that they are doing something wonderful for their condition.

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