Diabetes responds well to exercise.

I hate to exercise.

And I especially hate running.

This is why I took a second look at it.

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Okay, if you’re truly sedentary then this will need to come after you begin walking or biking. But do not discount this. We are a nation of folks who run from age 10 to age 100.

Oh yes, diabetic folks run also. And the benefits are similar to walking except up a notch.

I will not go into the details of a complete running program but remember this blog is about giving you a number of ways to ease into exercise. Diabetic or not, running is fun for a lot of people.

And when I say running, I am talking about everything from jogging which I would define as about 3 1/2 miles an hour all the way to fast running which by my definition is over 6 miles an hour.

There is something about running that is hugely satisfying. I am a runner, even though I started out hating it, and as such, run often. I am not a fast runner and then probably more of a fast jogger or a slow runner, if we had to categorize. But it doesn’t matter, does it? What matters is that I’m out there doing it and you can be out there and do it also.

Your blood sugar control will be wonderfully helped.

Of course you would start off slowly, perhaps running only 100 yards and then increasing it a bit more every week, all the while listening to your body. Oh by the way, make sure you have good running shoes before you do this as you could really hurt yourself with some poor shoes.

There is a really good website that has a program to turn a couch potato into a potato who will eventually jog a 5k route.

It is slow and gradual and a wonderful way to start out if this interests you in the least.

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