You know, the one that’s parked in the garage that you haven’t been on in ages. Did you know that your bike could be possibly one of your greatest fitness tools? That bike could be a potent, I mean potent, tool against your diabetes.

The great thing about bicycling is that it is extremely low impact and also delivers very high aerobic benefit.

I must warn you, before you get back on that old bicycle, make sure it actually works in that your tires are properly inflated, your brakes work, and your chain is lubricated. There is nothing beneficial about getting hurt while trying to get in shape, right?

Bicycling is one of the most helpful things that I do, in addition to walking. I have an 11 mile route through a park in Nashville that is composed of hills that I do regularly. It is extremely low impact however it is strenuous as far as aerobic exertion goes. I know that at the end, the exercise benefit that is conferred upon me is enormous.

By the way, I do not stop at the 11 mile loop… I have taken 20, 30 and 50 mile bike rides. However we are talking about you and getting you in motion so the best way to do this if you’re interested in bicycling, is to make sure your bike works (or buy a new one), jump on it and ride up and down the street in order to acclimate yourself.

Most cities have bike paths or online suggested biking trails. Nashville, for example, has an incredible series of greenways on which one can bike.

“But I’m too old to ride a bike”, you protest.

Hogwash, I say. If I had a nickel for every 70 and 80 year old that I have seen on a bicycle, I would own a small fleet of yachts.

You need to read the fabulous book, Bike for Life: How to ride to 100.

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