Yesterday was another brutal day in my battle against getting off the couch. Inertia was winning the day. The hatred of exercise was growing by the minute and I was determined to do nothing, absolutely nothing as far as walking or anything.

Have you ever been there before?

Has this scenario ever crept into your life? Of course it has! Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog!

Yet I am a diabetic and as such, know that exercise is of paramount importance. Exercise helps manage my blood sugar. It confers all sorts of other benefits but diabetic management is one of the primary benefits.

So I must exercise, even though I hate it.

Here’s how the day turned out… one of the keys that I give in my book is to drive halfway to the gym and then turn around. Well that’s what I ended up doing, only rather than turning around I went on to the gym and had a partial workout. It was torture. I didn’t like it. But I did it.

Some days some is better than nothing, right?

Win your battle against inertia today!

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