Joe Rogan, a popular American media personality, recently had a guest on his podcast who made the statement that her husband, who is a celebrity in some circles, hadn’t exercised because it is just too difficult.

Wrong thing to say to the former host of “Fear Factor”.

He basically wasn’t having any of this … and made the statement that became the title of this post. To sum up his reaction in four words, “give me a break!”.

I am a master of inventing excuses to not exercise. I have won an Oscar for my inertia-invoking performances on why exercise today is just simply too awful and too painful to even begin.

On those days when the “it’s too hard to exercise” mood dominates my brain, I take a deep breath and get moving anyway. It is slow. It is hard.

It is imperative.

“If you can walk to the refrigerator, you can exercise!”

#joerogan, #diabetes, #exercise

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