I have been walking extra-hard recently.


My wife of many years passed away mid-summer and I was left grief-stricken. I was left with a great big hole in my heart. My soul-mate had departed this life after a bout with cancer.

I started this blog as a way to encourage diabetics to get off their duffs and get out the door and exercise. Exercise often cancels diabetes, especially when you watch your diet. So I am ecstatic to report that exercise, in my case, walking, has helped me with my grief immensely.

I have a favorite park nearby and this is where I walk. It has a lazy river winding through it. It is a perfect place to run, walk, bike, whatever. Walking in this park has become a habit.

Grief can often leave a person depressed and for some, downright non-functional. Feeling sad and lonely is a normal part of the grief process; this makes it imperative that folks like me move through grief in a healthy way. In my case, this means tons of walking.

Here’s what I found: walking 45 minutes a day helped me feel actually less sad. It makes me feel somewhat hopeful on many days. It kept collapse away from my door.

All because I got off the couch and went for a brisk walk.

Inertia (anti-movement) is especially strong in the grief-stricken who seek to exercise.

I had to stare inertia down day after day and it was not fun.

But it helped my inner mood tremendously.

Are you mourning the loss of a significant other, family member, friend, pet or job loss? Open the front door, start walking. No excuses, just start walking.

I promise you will feel a bit better, it is SO worth it. I am living proof

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