I have always loved my #dumbbells.

Simple workouts with them always seemed to be easy and effective. I could sit on a stool and do arm curls (I usually do 30 for each arm, 20 lbs) without too much hassle or disruption to my day (remember, I HATE to exercise).

And I know from my #diabetes research that strength exercises can have a super positive impact on diabetes numbers, working in concert with diet and aerobic exercise.

Then I lost my dumbbells.


I am not sure other to say that some other-worldly creature must have stolen them while I slept and relocated to an obscure corner of my house. I hate it when things like this happen!

However, about a year after this theft, I rediscovered my dumbbells in the aforementioned obscure corner of my house.

And then I faced a new obstacle … motivating myself again to actually use them.

How to overcome, yet once more, my old nemesis, inertia.

Here’s how I did it, listen carefully … I got a stool and placed in the hall of my home where I would see it everyday and have to intentionally walk around it. I then walked over to the dumbbells, picked them up, sat on the stool and did 10 reps on each arm (arm curls).

Then I did it the next day.

Then I did it the next day.

It has been 3 weeks now and I have increased the number of repetitions every couple of days.

My arms feel fabulous.

But I had to encumber my hall to do it.

You see, I have to do all sorts of crazy things to defeat inertia however I won this round.

You too may have to get creative but you can do it.

At any rate, I am on a roll with my newly-found dumbbells, feeling great and loving it.

BTW, we recently took a trip to a second home and guess what? My dumbbells were packed in the car and traveled with us.

So even though my dumbbells’ story had a tragic turn, it has all ended up just fine.

I challenge you to buy some dumbbells at weights comfortable for you to lift.

And then put a stool in your hall! Your #A1C numbers will thank you!

#diabetes #diabetic #type2diabetes #diabeticexercise #A1C

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