Now, you may be wondering … how in the world could Biltmore House in Asheville, NC contribute to my exercise which contributes to my diabetes management?

A little background first … Biltmore House is the nation’s largest private home with over 230 rooms and measuring 175,000 square feet (whoa!). I live in Nashville, TN and have never been to Biltmore but it’s an easy trip there and back. It is decorated for Christmas so we went and had a fabulous time. Here’s how it helped my diabetes …

We walked and walked and walked during our stay. On a property laced with hiking trails, we were thoroughly exercised and didn’t notice it because we were caught up in all the sights and sounds. Therefore, my diabetes benefited greatly from the magic of exercise. Painlessly to me I might add.

Walking tours are a great way to get your exercise in without hardly ever noticing it. I strongly encourage you to check out walking tours local to you or within an easy drive, as Biltmore was for me. Throw this into your toolbox of ways to motivate yourself to get off the couch and out the door!

It worked for me.

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