Tom was a person who was a retired executive with type II diabetes. He has never been active, always allowing his career to crowd virtually everything else out including self-care. So if you were to look for the word sedentary in the dictionary, Tom’s picture would appear (right beside mine, of course … hey, yours might be in there too).

He heard about a boot camp at his local fitness center. At the urging of his spouse, he took a deep breath and called the center inquiring about the boot camp. The person on the other end must’ve been a great salesman because Tom found himself at day one of boot camp about a week later.

Long story short, he loved it.

The instructor tailored every activity for the fitness level of each participant. This began Tom on the pattern of activity that he continues to this day. He just had to give it a try.

He found his insulin resistance going down as he exercised. He was able to cut his medication a bit and found several symptoms of his diabetes going away.

Did I mention that he lost weight also? The hardest step regarding a boot camp is the first one… simply inquiring about its schedule.

But a boot camp can seriously be an inertia killer and that is what this book is all about.

Just about every YMCA or fitness center offer some type of boot camp in order to help people like you and me… in other words, these boot camps are designed to get the sedentary person jumpstarted into a more active routine.

What can I say… this works for many people!

I dare you.

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